5 October 2015

The Underspending Continues

The Scottish Government set an unenviable record in 2013-14 of almost half a billion pounds underspending on vital public sector services that families in Scotland rely upon.

The total was an unprecedented 444million underspending, putting even greater stress on already under-resourced public sector staff such as nurses and teachers

During these times of austerity, this under-funding of the public sector continues .

In the latest year, 2014-15, the level of belt tightening may have eased slightly , but it still remains at a worryingly high level of 350 million.

For families across Scotland the underfunding of public services has meant that fewer college places are available, fewer teachers in their children's schools, fewer nurses, and less support for vulnerable groups all because the public sector has been without the resources that it desperately needs.

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