14 November 2015

The Campaign against Tory Tax Credit Cuts

Today marks Labour’s National Campaign Day against the Tory government’s £4 billion tax credit cuts that would leave three million families £1,300 a year on average worse off.

It is part of David Cameron’s “compassionate conservatism” , a vision of society that he shares with former US President George W Bush.

In reality, the “compassion” requires the state to do exactly the opposite – a withdrawal from its responsibility to provide for the vulnerable and a removal of social security provisions from them.

In another part of society, the rich are undisturbed.

According to Equality Trust, the wealth of the richest 1,000 families in Britain increased by £28 billion last year , an increase several times more than the £4 billion cut in tax credits. 

Their total wealth, according to the Sunday Times Rich List is £547 billion.

This is why the impoverishment of families set to lose over £1,000 a year is the antithesis of fairness.

That is why we are campaigning against these cuts.

Recipient families receiving Child or Working Tax Credit (April 2015) by Scottish Parliament constituency

Dundee City East

Out of work

Families 2,100 ; Children – 3,600

Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

Families – 2,400 : Children – 3,700

Child Tax Credit only

Families - 800 ; Chilldren – 1,500

Total number of families 6,200.

Dundee City West

Out of work

Families 1,700 families ; Children – 3,200

Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

Families – 2,200 : Children – 3,600

Child Tax Credit only

Families - 800 ; Chilldren – 1,600

Total number of families 5,600.

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