19 September 2015

Almost half of households in Dundee living in fuel poverty

As latest official estimates indicate that over 40 per cent of households in Dundee are living in fuel poverty, Lesley Brennan has strongly criticised plans by the SNP Government in Holyrood to slash £15 million from the government budget to mitigate fuel poverty.

She said:

“This cut will have a widespread effect in Dundee where official data suggests that 42 per cent of households are living in fuel poverty.

“Back in 2001 the then Labour-led Scottish Executive set out legislation to eliminate fuel poverty.

“The 42 per cent Dundee figure indicates the SNP Government will fail to meet that the target of abolishing fuel poverty.

“Scottish Labour intends to introduce a Warm Homes Act, that will change building and planning regulations to help to tackle the root problems of fuel poverty.

‘It therefore beggars belief that the SNP Government in Edinburgh plan a huge cut to the fuel poverty budget.”

Statistics from the Scottish House Conditions Survey show 42% of households in Dundee are living on a lower income in a home which cannot be kept warm at reasonable cost, higher than the Scottish average of 40%.

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