22 March 2016

Deep Cuts revealed in Dundee's spending on education


Deep cuts in real terms education spending in Dundee have been identified by Lesley Brennan.

In the four period from 2010-11, pre-school education was cut by just over £300 per pupil

In Dundee primary schools the cuts were almost £590 per pupil

In secondary schools in the city, the cuts were almost £320 per pupil

She commented :

“These figures demonstrate how both the UK Tory Government and the SNP government are stripping away the investment in the future of the children of our city.

“The £23 million of cuts to services in Dundee will deny young people the full resources they need to acquire for their future Dundee.

“Spending on education must be made a priority for growing the city’s economy, and not a target for cuts.”

"When we increase our investment in education we invest not only in the education of our children, but we invest also in the future of the whole of the city.

"For the individual pupil it means a large dividend in the future as an adult in terms of a job, an income and job security.

"For the city it means higher work skills, better paid jobs and a boost to the city's economy.

"That's why these cuts in education being forced on Dundee by the UK and Scottish Governments will prove more expensive in the long run.

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