22 September 2015

The Authentic Politics of Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership contest by standing by his principles, and offering a return to mainstream Labour thinking.

His language is uncomplicated .

He brings the shared experiences of ordinary families to Parliament when he asks their questions of the Prime Minister.

He actively promotes popular policies such as taking back public services such as railways and proposing higher, fairer taxes on the rich.

He campaigned long and hard against austerity, observing :

“I have been in Greece, I have been in Spain.

"It's very interesting that social democratic parties that accept the austerity agenda and end up implementing it end up losing a lot of members and a lot of support. "I think we have a chance to do something different here.'

His new way of doing politics has met with a predictable onslaught from the political establishment and most of the media.

He offers a different culture of politics -

*An end to politics being presented as “info-tainment” that concentrates on the broadcast of the cut and thrust of Prime Minister’s Questions as how politics is carried out daily.

*No to the “prime ministerialisation” of UK politics, where politics centres round the party leader, whether in 10 Downing Street or the Leader of the Opposition who aspires to be there.

In such a model of politics, each of these figures becomes a celebrity , like the US President

This then makes all aspects of their lives available for media scrutiny 24/7, regardless of whether or not the matter concerns political issues.

In contrast, Jeremy Corbyn, says :

“We are not doing celebrity, personality, abusive politics – we are doing ideas.

“This is about hope.

“It is not just here

“There are equivalent movements across Europe, the USA and elsewhere.

“It’s been bubbling for a long time.

“It is opposition to economic orthodoxy that leads us into austerity and cuts.

“But it is also a thirst for something more communal, more participative. “

This represents a radical shift in how Labour will be led and how it will create its policies from now on.

The huge influx of new members are a sure sign of that.

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